Thursday, October 10, 2013

The morning after.......

I certainly didn't expect that I would be blogging at 8:30 AM my first morning in Bangkok, but anyone who knows the influence food has on me will certainly understand.....

I'm still disoriented and confused.  I've done a lot of "sawadee kah"  with the proper bow, and "kawp koon kah", but whenever anyone asks a yes or no question, my first response is "Si"!  I hope to eventually get my languages sorted out  :)

First, my hotel:

The ever-present shrine.

Even dragon-turtles need water!

And some views from the 9th floor...
Although it is humid, I think the sky is more a reflection of the air quality.  Jim, you were right.

                                 I believe this means that the breakfast buffet is 30 baht ($1.00)

Fried dough shaped like a butterfly

Fresh watermelon, cantalope, and pineapple


sweet chili spiced collard greens

    Spicy ginger chicken.
(lots and lots of ginger.... yum!)

Delicious soup....
to which I added some spicy sauce and almost caught my mouth on fire!

hot soy milk????

So, you might wonder why I've spent my morning blogging.  Even at 9:30 AM there were not too many people out and about.  I'm going to have to consult my Lonely Planet as I'm still not sue which direction to go.  However, I will be out and about today, enjoying this 80 degree weather, and looking for my next adventure.

Love to all, and let me know if you're interested in visiting!