Monday, September 30, 2013

Getting ready to start my new life

In just a few short days I will be off on my Thailand retirement adventure. For one full year I will be teaching Science in a Thai high school. Most teachers are planners (I planned my children's birthday parties in 20 minute segments!) and control freaks (at least a little); I am no different.  On this journey, I really have no idea what to plan for, nor what I will have control over.  It makes the letting go much easier.

I have done my packing and emptied my house of unnecessary things I've collected over the years.  Now I sit and wait to board the plane (Emirates, as recommended by Ken).

So first, a map of where I'll be.
Ubon Ratchatani is in the northeast quadrant, north of Cambodia and west of Laos.

Second, a link to my new school....  a little frightening as this one is entirely in Thai!

The easier version....

Name of School : Benchama Maharat School
School Address : 600 Sappasit Rd. A. Muang Ubonratchathani 34000
Phone : 045 262193      Fax : 045 262193
Website :      Email :
Principal's name : Mr. Prayong Kaenla

Type of School
Working time
Working days : Monday to Friday
School Times : 8:30 to 4:30
Hours on duty : 8 hours per day
Teaching Hours : 15 hours per week
Lunch Hour : 11:15 to 12:15

Education Level
Secondary school 

School size
School size : Big (1001 up)
Total No. of students : 4,800
Class size : approximately 50 students per class
 Computer & internet System
 Personal desk / locker
 Audio visual aids
 Resource library
 Photocopy machine
 Health insurance
Academic Year
The 1st semester :
from May to September
(Mid Exam : July , Final Exam : September)
The 2nd semester :
from October to February
(Mid Exam : December , Final Exam : February)
Special Events / Holidays
School Day - 28 September
Sports Day - 2 September
Teacher's Day - 16 January
Christmas and New Year's
Student's Camp - March and October
Student's Excursion - 1 September

Lastly, my address will be the school address:  
Benchama Maharat School
600 Sappasit Rd.
A. Muang Ubonratchathani 34000
I'm overwhelmed with websites, videos and more questions!!!!  Anyone who has traveled to Thailand, please feel free to offer advice and recommendations!