Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Floating Market.... Saturday, October 12, 2013

Getting to and from places from our hotel is challenging.  The Louis Tavern is in the very northern part of Bangkok,  easily an hour taxi drive from central Bangkok.  Taxi drivers are not crazy about going to the outskirts of the city to drive so far, and it's even more difficult to return.  This is probably good for the program... no one going leaving for lunch and extending their shopping trip!

Hillary and Ari stayed at a hostel for their first few days, Suk 11, and the pictures are beautiful.  It's on Soi 11, near Khao San Road where everything is happening.  For 700 Baht you can get a private room with your own bath.

Saturday, we headed out to one of the many Floating Markets.  Because of the distance, we went to the Talingchan Floating Market (only a 45 minute drive).  It was actually great since it was less touristy, and not nearly as crowded.  The taxi drive was 200 Baht which we split 4 ways.


Food is the primary theme of a floating market; no wonder I love them!

sticky rice.... 20 baht for 5 packets
but don't eat the banana leaf wrapper... it's poisonous

Coconuts everywhere!
Coconuts from the south are preferred to those from the north

barbecue chicken skewers

and lots of dogs EVERYWHERE!!!


And finally our tour of the canals.....

recent floods have littered the water with plant debris (and who knows what else), and made the ride a bit rough...  you'll notice the photos are a little crooked.  I hadn't been drinking!

Getting a taxi back to the hotel was not easy at all until some friendly guy riding by on a bicycle flagged down every taxi until he could convince one of them to take us back to our far-away accommodation!

Other than taxi drivers, our experiences with Thai people have been warm, friendly, and extremely helpful.  This does seem to be the land of smiles; looking forward to more adventures!