Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sirindhorn Dam… or English Camp with M1

Even the weekends are not immune to the rigor of learning.
And so, I found myself at Sirindhorn Dam with M1, participating in English Camp.

(Come to Thailand if you ever need a banner made.  These banners are made for every event!)

To see just how far it is from the city of Ubon Ratchathani, you can click on the link below.

Students are required to come to camp as it is paid for by the school.
The weekend is spent participating in a variety of activities entirely in English.
You have to remember, this is the first year in EP for M1.

But the surroundings were beautiful, and the food (for the teachers) was delicious.

 We stayed in small houses… 3 bedrooms and a living room.

And the Queen's house was right there along with the rest of us.  Notice the lack of fences and security.  Of course, she does only come here once or twice a year.

There is also a golf course on the "resort".  (I'm not a golfer).

Patsanee woke me up Sunday morning at 5:15 to go for a bike ride to see the sunrise.
A little too early for me, but worth it.

The dam was constructed in 1971 very near the Laos border.  It's still pretty controversial as many people were displaced and never adequately compensated.
It provides hydroelectric power domestically.

We made it back in time for breakfast, followed by the last day's activities for the students.  
Saturday night they held debating contests, but this morning started out with songs, games, and a Shrek activity.  Elias and I started a discussion solving the world's problems (yet again).

While Elias and I solved problems, some of the Thai teachers took a quick trip to Laos for ant eggs, among other things.

Although they really do look gross, I'm told they are very flavorful.  I'll probably never know!

The end of camp always brings awards….

and the awards are always junk food and chocolate!

Another great weekend and we boarded the buses.

On the way home, we stopped at another wat on the river, across from Laos.

Looking across at Laos….

I couldn't believe it was so close!

And then it was really time to leave.

Parting words for those of you who have ever ridden the field trip bus. 
A full bus with a karaoke machine pumped to full volume is an enhancement only the Thais could dream up.

Next class trip…..
Malaysia and Singapore!